Sunday, September 22, 2013

On the train again

Hi everyone,  I have been out of communication for a couple of days as its not always easy to find internet connections when you are on the move.  However, here I am back again.

I am now embarking on my journey to France.  I have to catch the train from where I am staying, into London, then get on board the Eurostar.
mohair teddy
Here I am on the first part of my journey with all our luggage!  I am quite excited about the trip to France.  We are going on the Eurostar to Paris and it travels in tunnels under the sea to get there.  It takes a couple of hours so lets hope it doesn't stop half way as I haven't brought my snorkel!
mohair teddy bear, teddybear
Here I am on the Eurostar on our way to Paris.  Please don't tell Tracey I was standing on the seat.
I will be back soon to show what I find in Paris. 
Take care of yourself
Ned the Ted

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