Friday, September 6, 2013

Buckingham Palace

Hi there,  Ned back again. Tracey really did surprise me today. 

We went to Buckingham Palace. You know, that's where the Queen lives. I was hoping that Prince William, Kate and Prince George would be there and come and say hello, but that was not to be.  Tracey took a few photos though.

 This is the gates to Buckingham Palace.  Can you see me?
This is some of what I saw while I was there.
I was a bit tired after all the sight seeing.  Can you see me resting?
Tracey has said we can go for afternoon tea.  I hope it's somewhere nice and they have yummy things to eat.   
I am full now, I chose the pink one as thats one of my favourite colours.  I think I will get into my little travel sleeping bag and have a rest until tomorrow.
 Come back again soon as I will share some more of my adventures. 
 Hugs to you all,
Ned the Ted

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