Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Hi there, Ned the Ted back again.   I have told you all about catching up with my relatives but I didn't tell you anything about Hugglets.  This is the bear show in London that Tracey and I went to.  It's a famous bear show and is held twice a year in London, and there are usually about 10,000 bears available for sale.  This time of course some of my relatives were on Tracey's sales table.  Check out the display.

mohair bear, teddy bear
Of course, I am not for sale.  See me there I'm "king of the castle". 

And Tracey had her "Bears by Tracey" artist bears there and they looked great on the table too.

mohair bears, artist bears, collectable bears

Well, we are heading back to London again now to get ready for an exciting weekend.  I will tell you more about that as it happens.

Look after yourself
Ned the Ted

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