Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Travelling again

Hi everyone, 

I have just been travelling again.  I've been to Melbourne to the Woodend Teddy Bear show, and what a show it was.  It was great catching up with all Tracey's friends.  And I had a chance to go on the train again.  Here are some photos of my adventures. 

I'll be back soon, Ned

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hello there

Hi again,  I am slowly getting used to being home and have been sorting through my photos.  I was really lucky you know.  Tracey took me to some amazing places.

How is this for the inside of a shopping centre?  Imagine the fun you could have on the stairs and escalators!

mohair bear

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Hi all, I am home now in New Zealand but I have not had a chance to share anything about the final stages of my trip as I have had a bit of jet lag!

Well, what can I say about Paris, the "City of Love".  Tracey and I had a great time there.  We did a lot of sight seeing and attended a great little bear show.

Little Bear Commpany, mohair bear
Can you see the Eiffel Tower?

And how about this for a shopping centre?
Little Bear Company
See you soon with some more pictures of my trip.
Ned the Ted

Sunday, September 22, 2013

On the train again

Hi everyone,  I have been out of communication for a couple of days as its not always easy to find internet connections when you are on the move.  However, here I am back again.

I am now embarking on my journey to France.  I have to catch the train from where I am staying, into London, then get on board the Eurostar.
mohair teddy
Here I am on the first part of my journey with all our luggage!  I am quite excited about the trip to France.  We are going on the Eurostar to Paris and it travels in tunnels under the sea to get there.  It takes a couple of hours so lets hope it doesn't stop half way as I haven't brought my snorkel!
mohair teddy bear, teddybear
Here I am on the Eurostar on our way to Paris.  Please don't tell Tracey I was standing on the seat.
I will be back soon to show what I find in Paris. 
Take care of yourself
Ned the Ted

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Visiting Friends

Hi everyone, Ned back again.  I was going to tell you that while I was away I went and visited by friends the Chamberlains.  What a great time Tracey and I had.  They make the cutest bears. 
mohair bear, teddy bear
Can you see me in their display cabinet.  I thought I would try and hide!
Let me tell you I have been trying hard to get news about the America's Cup.  As a proud kiwi I am a staunch supporter, but over here its really hard to get news.  Can you tell me how it is going? 
I look forward to catching up with you soon and of course hearing about the America's Cup.
Hugs to you all
Ned the Ted

Friday, September 13, 2013


Hi it's Ned back again.  I thought I would share a few photos of my time in Cambridge. You know there is a lot of history in England. I went to a place called Newmarket.  Its a famous horse racing town.  Take a look at this. A house from the 1600s.
This is where King Charles II stayed when going to the races in Newmarket in 1600s. 

And here I am with my friend Gail outside the Jockey Club.
I will catch up with you again soon
Ned the Ted

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Hi there, Ned the Ted back again.   I have told you all about catching up with my relatives but I didn't tell you anything about Hugglets.  This is the bear show in London that Tracey and I went to.  It's a famous bear show and is held twice a year in London, and there are usually about 10,000 bears available for sale.  This time of course some of my relatives were on Tracey's sales table.  Check out the display.

mohair bear, teddy bear
Of course, I am not for sale.  See me there I'm "king of the castle". 

And Tracey had her "Bears by Tracey" artist bears there and they looked great on the table too.

mohair bears, artist bears, collectable bears

Well, we are heading back to London again now to get ready for an exciting weekend.  I will tell you more about that as it happens.

Look after yourself
Ned the Ted

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

On the move again

Hi everyone, Great to see you back.  I have been in the move again. Tracey took me on another train ride to see her friend in Cambridge. As you know I quite like trains and train stations.

Look who I found at Paddington station.  One of my long lost ancestors.
 Do you know who it is?
Can you see me?
Off visiting now, catch you later
Ned the Ted

Monday, September 9, 2013

Ned the Ted's surprise

Hi again, Well did I get a surprise today.  Tracey has been keeping secrets from me!  She had arranged for my relatives to visit me at Hugglets.  They had been tucked away and now they are coming out to play.  I am so excited.

mohair bear, teddy bear, Hugglets

And here they are all lined up with Ned.

miniature bear, mohair bear, teddy bear
Who do you like the best?
I am off to get aquainted with my relatives, so bye for now, see you tomorrow.
Ned the Ted

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hampton Court Palace

Hi everyone, Its me Ned back again.  I had a great sleep last night and again today Tracey is taking me out sight seeing. 

It's another Palace would you believe.  There seems to be quite a few of them here in England.
This one is called Hampton Court Palace and just have a look how grand it is with its beautiful gardens.  Wouldn't you like gardens like that to play in?  I would.
Ned the Ted, mohair bears
 Let me introduce you to one of the staff.  A very friendly man he was.  And check out his uniform.  Very smart isn't it?
mohair bear, teddy bear

Let me show you what it looks like inside the Grand Hall.  It's all very posh.
mohair bear, teddy bear
After all this sight seeing I got a bit hungry, so Tracey took me for lunch.  Look at what I got.  
Just as well I was hungry.

mohair bear, teddy bear, felt hat
Well, we are off home now to rest up as tomorrow is the big day - Hugglets is on.  I wonder who I will meet up with there.  I'll let you know tomorrow.

Catch you later
Ned the Ted

Friday, September 6, 2013

Buckingham Palace

Hi there,  Ned back again. Tracey really did surprise me today. 

We went to Buckingham Palace. You know, that's where the Queen lives. I was hoping that Prince William, Kate and Prince George would be there and come and say hello, but that was not to be.  Tracey took a few photos though.

 This is the gates to Buckingham Palace.  Can you see me?
This is some of what I saw while I was there.
I was a bit tired after all the sight seeing.  Can you see me resting?
Tracey has said we can go for afternoon tea.  I hope it's somewhere nice and they have yummy things to eat.   
I am full now, I chose the pink one as thats one of my favourite colours.  I think I will get into my little travel sleeping bag and have a rest until tomorrow.
 Come back again soon as I will share some more of my adventures. 
 Hugs to you all,
Ned the Ted

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tracking my journey

Hello again,  Ned here
Well, I am not sure about where you are but its jolly hot over here in London.  Would you believe 30 degrees today, and I have to tell you I was pleased I put in my bear deodorant or else I think Tracey would have complained!

I got Tracey to take me on a real train ride today.  Gosh it was fun, sitting up there in my very own seat.  We went to Reading, checked out the sights and then..... Tracey took me to a craft shop.  I am sure you know what its like waiting around for someone when they are busy looking at everything possible in the shop.   All I wanted to do was get on another train!!!

While in Reading we went to Reading Abbey but there were a few funny people around so we didn't stay long enough to get any really good photos.  Hopefully you can read this as it has a little bit of information for you about the Abbey.
mohair bear, teddy bear, travelling bear
I thought I would show you on a map where I have travelled so far as some of the places may be unknown to you.  As you can see I did not have a pencil so I had to put ink on my paw pads to show you the way.  If you have any questions, ask them in the comment box below and I will get back to you.
mohair bear, teddy bear

Don't forget to pop back tomorrow as all going well Tracey says she has a surprise for me and I want to share it with you.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Windsor Castle

Hi all! Ned here. Today I visited Windsor Castle. Here I am standing outside the castle by the Queen Victoria statue. I am a little bit jet lagged however that is not stopping me from doing anything.

mohair bear, collectable, teddy bear

Tracey' s friend Karen Alderson arrived at Susan's place today from Australia. She thought I was cute!

I cannot wait till Sunday when I finally meet a few of my relatives. Well it is time to go to sleep.

Come back and see me tomorrow.
Ned the Ted

Up to mischief

Hi back again.  As you know I am staying with Susan.  Her husband Eric has a wonderful room set up with trains.  Well, I couldn't resist I had to go and have a little play!!!  Anyway have a look at the fun I had.

model train, model railway, mohair bear, teddybear

Please don't tell Tracey.  I think she might get cross with me. 

Till I catch up next time, bye for now
Ned the Ted


I have just been introduced to Susan at her home in London.  I think she likes me as she is smiling at me.  What do you think?

mohair bear, teddy bear, travelling bear

Well, its been a long couple of days and its time for me to head off to bed and catch up on some much needed sleep as I know I am going to be busy in the next couple of days.

Pop back again soon and I will continue with my adventures.

Tracey Remembered!

Hello again, I am awake and refreshed now just waiting patiently to take - off.  Check out what I can see outside the window...

mohair bear, teddy bear, travelling bear

We are on our way, its so exciting.  Our first stop is Auckland, then Hong Kong.  Then is off to London to catch up with Tracey's friend Susan.  I am a bit nervous as I haven't met her before.  I hope she likes me!

We are on our way - the adventure begins

Hi everyone, I am getting really excited now as I am on my way. I have been waiting around the airport for what seems like ages but fortunately Tracey brought me a great little travel bag.

I am a really proud Kiwi, so I have the Silver Fern on it and of course it is made of fabric with images to remind me of home.

mohair bear, teddy bear, travelling bear, felt hat

The Adventures of Ned the Ted

Please check here regularly for The Adventures of Ned the Ted who has hitched a ride along with Tracey on her trip to London.  He will be reporting in to tell us what he has been up to.  If you have any questions for him please add to the comments.

Ned was very excited today getting himself ready for his journey.  He got himself all dressed up, packed his bag and waited patiently while Tracey got herself organised.

mohair bear, teddy bear, felt, plushie

They then headed off to Wellington Airport to commence their journey to Auckland then Hong Kong.